Thyroid gland

5 myths about the thyroid gland that you should not believe!

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The thyroid gland, a small organ with great importance, is often the subject of misunderstanding and myth. This misinformation can lead to incorrect assumptions about thyroid health and function. In this article, we dispel five common myths about the thyroid gland.

1. myth: everyone with weight problems has a thyroid disorder

Reality: Although the thyroid gland affects metabolism and dysfunction can lead to weight changes, not all weight problems are due to the thyroid gland. Many factors, including diet, exercise and genetics, influence body weight.

2. myth: iodine deficiency is not possible in industrialized countries

Reality: Although many foods in developed countries are fortified with iodine, people can still become iodine deficient, especially if they consume little seafood or iodized salt.

3. myth: the thyroid gland affects only women

Reality: It is true that women suffer from thyroid disease more often than men, but men can also be affected. It is important that both sexes pay attention to the health of their thyroid gland.

4. Myth: a lump in the thyroid gland always means cancer

Reality: Although nodules in the thyroid gland should be taken seriously, most are benign. Nevertheless, it is important to see a doctor if you suspect a lump.

5. Myth: If you take medication for the thyroid gland, you can ignore your diet and lifestyle habits.

Reality: Medications can help regulate thyroid function, but a healthy diet and lifestyle are still critical to overall health and wellness.


The thyroid gland is a complex organ that is often misunderstood. It is important to educate yourself on the facts and challenge myths. Proper information and a proactive approach can help maintain and promote thyroid health. If you have any questions or concerns about your thyroid, you should always consult a specialist.

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