Male fertility

Can you test sperm for fertility yourself?

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One of the first steps for couples who are having difficulty conceiving is to check their fertility. Men often wonder if it is possible to test the fertility of their sperm at home. This article highlights the possibilities and limitations of self-testing.

What determines sperm fertility?

Before we turn to the tests themselves, it is important to understand what determines sperm fertility:

Sperm count

The number of sperm per milliliter is crucial.

Sperm morphology

The shape and structure of the sperm play a role.

Sperm motility

How the sperm move is equally important.

Home tests to check the sperm count

There are various kits and digital tools that allow men to test sperm concentration at home.


A sperm sample is placed on a test strip or in a designated chamber. After a waiting period, the result can then be read visually or by a digital measuring device, depending on the product.


While these tests can provide an initial assessment, they are not as accurate as laboratory tests. False positive or false negative results are possible.

Home testing limits

While self-tests are convenient, they have certain limitations:

Restricted measurement parameters

Most home tests only measure sperm concentration and not other important factors.


Home tests can be inaccurate and should therefore be considered only as a preliminary diagnostic tool.

Operating error

There is a possibility of not performing the test correctly, which may lead to incorrect results.

The value of professional sperm analysis

If there are serious fertility concerns, it is advisable to have a professional sperm analysis performed in a laboratory or clinic.

Complete analysis

Examination of sperm count, morphology and motility.

Higher accuracy

Professional analyses are more accurate and reliable.

Medical advice

You can get advice and recommendations from professionals based on the results.


While home sperm concentration tests offer a simple and quick way to check fertility at home, they have their limitations in terms of accuracy and the extent of the analysis. For a comprehensive assessment of male fertility, it is advisable to consult specialized clinics or laboratories that offer complete sperm analysis.

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