Drugs and alcohol – Self-test

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Alkohl- und Drogentests

Alcohol and drug test



Rapid test for drugs, drug metabolites and alcohol in saliva.

Detailed test description

The Drugs & Alcohol Test is a rapid oral fluid test that can be performed without the use of an instrument. The test uses monoclonal antibodies to selectively detect elevated levels of specific drugs in human oral fluid.

The test detects common drugs in saliva, including: Amphetamine, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, benzodiazepines, ketamine, alcohol and their metabolites.

Drug testing is now commonplace in some major sectors of the economy, such as the armed forces, public transport, the financial sector, and law enforcement, as well as in all sporting events that are bound by the UK's national anti-doping policy.

Performance - Accuracy

The test detects substances at the following limiting concentrations :

Substance Limit concentration
Amphetamine 50 ng/mL
Cocaine 20 ng/mL
Opiates 25 ng/mL
Marijuana 12 ng/mL
Bentsodiatsepiini 10 ng/ml
Ketamiini 50 ng/ml
Alkohol 0.02 % (0.2 per mille)

Result in only 3 minutes

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