Iron deficiency – Self-test

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Iron deficiency



Self-test to detect ferritin in whole blood to aid in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia.

Detailed test description

Anemia due to iron deficiency is common in children and adults of all ages, especially in women during menstruation (at least 20% suffer from iron deficiency). The main symptoms are extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches, pale skin,
Muscle and joint pain, weight gain, palpitations, sometimes associated with sleep disturbances, weakness, chest pain, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath.
Mild iron deficiency anemia usually does not cause complications. However, if left untreated, it can become severe and lead to health problems such as heart failure, problems during pregnancy, as well as
Lead to growth and developmental delays in children. The SafeSelfCheckIron Deficiency Test is a qualitative lateral flow test for the detection of human ferritin in whole blood.

Performance - Accuracy

- Ferritin detection limit - 30 ng/mL
- Accuracy 95%, Sensitivity 91%, Specificity 96%.
- Result in only 5 minutes

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